Angel Policy

Craft Buddy™ LTD Angel Policy

To ensure we protect everyone from the misuse of images, we have established an Angel Policy for you to follow when you are working with our copyrighted designs. This policy protects all parties by ensuring that crafters who wish to sell their cards or crafting projects, can. It also protects us as a business by ensuring that our designs are used in the correct manner.

Please read the below policy carefully. If in you do not understand anything stated below, please contact us at  and we will be happy to advise you. 

  1. There is no limit to handmade items sold for charity or for profit, so long as they abide by the restrictions as stated in this policy.
  2. Handmade projects may be sold at permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events, community fundraisers and over the Internet (excluding auction sites.) In selling handmade projects the seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally created by the seller and not a product of the company.
  3. Mass production, assembly-line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of craftwork for sale is strictly prohibited.
  4. All Craft Buddy LTD™ images and artwork are copyrighted©, which means they cannot be copied without permission. You are, however, able to recreate some of the sample images that we have produced to showcase our products.
  5. Digitally created projects must be for personal use only and resale is prohibited.
  6. You may not use Craft Buddy LTD™ crafts images for the purpose of creating logos or company trademarks.
  7. Any finished products you create should NOT be used in a manner which may be considered harmful, or malign, abusive or bring Craft Buddy LTD™ or any of its staff or suppliers into disrepute.

Craft Buddy LTD™ may modify this policy as required without prior notice.


Disney© Angel Policy

Disney has granted rights to various third parties to design, develop, manufacture and sell a range of Disney branded craft products for consumers. These licensed craft products are intended for use by consumers for personal, family, or friends enjoyment.

This includes making gifts for family specifically for Birthdays or other private celebrations. Licensed products may be used to produce crafted items for sharing amongst friends and family (such as non-commercial gift giving) but not for any wider sale or distribution.


Peter Rabbit Angel Policy

Assets are permitted to be used for creating personal and resalable items, as long as the following conditions are met:
1. Items are crafted by hand (no mechanical reproduction in any form is permitted).
2. Items are sold to raise funds for local establishments (e.g. local schools, hospitals, community centres), or for registered charities.
3. Items are not sold for large-scale commercial gain (i.e. a single person cannot sell more than 200 crafted items in any 12-month period).
4. Items are not promoted or sold online at any time.
5. Items are not promoted or sold through retail outlets at any time.
6. Items sold give credit to Craft Buddy on the back.
7. Designs are not used as company logos, trademarks, or personal stationery .