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Set of 3 Xmas 2021 Notebooks

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Set of 3 Crystal Art Notebooks, including CANJ-12 + CANJ-13 + CANJ-14.


What better place to note down your thoughts than in a sparkling Crystal Art Notebook?!

The technique is similar to painting by numbers. Each crystal art notebook design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the magic pick up pen (included), simply lift up the coloured crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. They affix instantly! The technique is relaxing and therapeutic, and the result is a beautiful piece of rhinestone art which you can keep or gift to loved ones. They are suitable for ages 6 and up.

Each notebook contains 50 lined pages and is approx 26 x 18cm in size.


3 x Crystal Art Notebook templates

3 x instruction manual

3 x pick up pen

3 x tray

Bags of crystals and ziplock bags


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